Ms. Yamini Gupt

Associate Professor
Department of Business Economics, University of Delhi South Campus

Address :

Benito Juarez Road New Delhi, India

SANDEE Grant Period:

01-07-2009 to 01-01-2011

SANDEE Publications :

Gupt,Y.(2012), 'Is the Deposit Refund System for Lead Batteries in Delhi and the National Capital Region Effective?', SANDEE Working Paper No.68-12

Gupt, Y. (2012), 'Is the Deposit Refund System for Lead-acid Batteries in Delhi and the National Capital Region Effective?, by Yamini Gupt, SANDEE Policy Brief No. 62-12 

Other Publications :

  1. Gupt (2014), 'Economic instruments and the efficient recycling of batteries in Delhi and the National Capital Region of India', Environment and Development Economics
    Available on CJO 2014 doi :10.1017/S1355770X14000382
  2. Gupt and Sahay (2015), 'Review of Extended Producer Responsibility: A Case Study Approach', Waste Management and Research. Vol. 33, no. 7
  3. Gupt and Sahay (2015), 'Managing Used Lead Acid Batteries in India: Evaluation of EPR-DRS Approaches', Journal of Health and Pollution, Vol. 5, no. 8
  4. Gupt and Dalei (2014), 'Livelihood Sustainability of Forest Dependent Communities in a Mine-spoiled Area', International Journal of Ecological Economics and Statistics, Vol.35, no. 4
  5. Gupt  (2014), 'Policy Measures and Incentives for Green Recycling of Lead in India', Published by Blacksmith Institute, USA.
  6. Gupt (2014), 'Green Recycling of Lead for a Sustainable Future', Minerals and Metals Review, Vol. XL, no. 7, July 2014, pp 24-27

Current Research Area/ Interests :

Environmental and Resource Economics
Economics of Waste Management in formal and informal sectors 
Industrial and Spatial Economics


Sri Lanka

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