Mr. Chandrasekhar Bahinipati

Assistant Professor
Gujarat Institute of Development Research

Address :

Gota, Ahmdebad, India

SANDEE Grant Period:

15-09-2014 to 15-09-2016

SANDEE Publications :

Will Climate change adaptation enhance farm productivity? A study of micro-irrigation systems (MIS) in Gujarat, India (Ongoing Research Project)

Other Publications :

  1. Bahinipati, C. S. and L Venkatachalam, (2015), 'What drives farmers to adopt farm-level adaptation practices to climate extremes: Empirical evidence from Odisha, India', International Journal of Disaster Risk Reduction, doi: 10.1016.j.ijdrr.2015.08.010.
  2. Bahinipati, C. S., U. Rajasekar, A. Acharya, and M. Patel, (2015), 'Flood-induced economic loss and damage to the textile industry in Surat city, India', Asian Cities Climate Resilience Working Paper Series 26, International Institute of Environment and Development, U.K. 
  3. Bahinipati, C. S., (2015), 'Determinants of Farm-Level Adaptation Diversity to Cyclone and Flood: Insights from a Farm Household-Level Survey in Eastern India', Water Policy, 17(4): 742-761.
  4. Bahinipati, C. S. and U. Patnaik, (2015), 'The damages from climatic extremes in India: Do disaster specific and generic adaptation measures matter?', Environmental Economics and Policy Studies, 17(1): 157-177. 
  5. Bahinipati, C. S. (2014), 'Assessment of vulnerability to cyclones and floods in Odisha, India: A District-level analysis', Current Science, 107(12): 1997-2007,
  6. Bahinipati, C. S. and L Venkatachalam, (2014), 'Role of climatic risks and socio-economic factors in influencing the economic impact of climatic extremes: A normalization study in the context of Odisha, India', Regional Environmental Change, doi: 10.1007/s10113-014-0735-4. 

Current Research Area/ Interests :

Climate Change Economics, Risk and Vulnerability, Loss and Damage
Natural Resource Management, Development Economics


Sri Lanka

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