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Mr. S. Madheswaran

Professor, Centre for Economic Studies and Policy
Institute for Social and Economic Change

Address :

Nagarbhavi (PO), Bangalore

SANDEE Grant Period:

30-07-2001 to 30-05-2003

SANDEE Publications :

  1. Madheswaran, S. (2005), 'Valuing Life and Limb: Understanding the Risk-return Trade-off', SANDEE Policy Brief No. 7 -05
  2. Madheswaran, S. (2005), 'Measuring the value of life and limb: Estimating compensating wage differentials among workers in Chennai and Mumbai', SANDEE Working Paper No. 9-04

Other Publications :

  1. Mandal, S.K. and S. Madheswaran (2010 ), 'Environmental efficiency of the Indian cement industry: An interstate analysis', Energy Policy 38(2), 1108-1118.
  2. Mandal, S.K. and S. Madheswaran (2010), 'Energy use efficiency of Indian cement companies: A Data Envelopment Analysis', published online in Energy Efficiency, Vol.4, No.1, 57-73
  3. Mandal, S.K. and S. Madheswaran (2010), 'Causality between energyconsumption and output growth in the Indian cement industry: An application of the panel vector error correction model', Energy Policy 38 (11), 6560-6565 (Elsevier Publication).

Current Research Area/ Interests :

Public Policy, Economics of Labour
Environmental Economics
Applied Econometrics.



Sri Lanka

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