Mr. Kishor Goswami

Assistant Professor
Department of Humanities & Social Sciences, Indian Institute of Technology

Address :

Khargapur, West Bengal, India

SANDEE Grant Period:

27-08-2010 to 27-08-2012

SANDEE Publications :

  1. Goswami, K. and H.K. Chowdhury (2014), 'To Cultivate or Not? Examining Factors that Influence Jatropha Agriculture in North East India', SANDEE Working Paper No. 82 - 14
  2. Goswami, K. (2014), 'Will Indian farmers respond to the call for increased biofuel production? Evidence from Northeastern India, SANDEE Policy Brief No. 76 -14

Other Publications :

  1. Kishor Goswami and Hari Kanta Choudhury (2015), "To Grow or Not to Grow? Factors Influencing the Adoption of and Continuation with Jatropha in North East India", Renewable Energy, Vol. 81, pp. 627-638.....Link
  2. Hari Kanta Choudhury and Kishor Goswami (2014), "Do Different Approaches to Measurement of Risk Behaviour Yield Different Results?", Agricultural Economics Research Review, Vol. 27, No. 1, pp. 49-60.  
  3. Hari Kanta Choudhury and Kishor Goswami (2013), "Determinants of Expansion of Area under Jatropha Plantation in North East India: A Tobit Analysis", Forest Policy and Economics, Vol. 30, pp. 46-52.  


Current Research Area/ Interests :

Development Economics, Agricultural Economics, and Economics of Biofuels

Website :


Sri Lanka

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